The elements that make up the core of who I am can be attributed to my childhood in Washington DC, and are as follows: skateboarding, music, and world cultures. As an urban latchkey kid who roamed the streets and haunts of the DC Metro area, the indelible collage of images and sounds left a lasting impression. The juxtaposition of elegance and rebellion branded on the skateboards under my feet through these travels are without a doubt what made my drive to create a lifelong journey...and continue to fuel my curiosity.
I continue to strive for visual solutions to complex problems. I am truly passionate about building brands and brand equity while creating high-quality consumer experiences. My deep interest in the arts and music allows me to anticipate trends, and create an empathic, insightful, and culturally relevant approach to design. My uniqueness is apparent in that I envision both integrated themes and the specific tactical details of a project. Building brands involves so many facets of design and design thinking...I love the challenge! I also truly enjoy creating the experiential details of a product, including mobile apps, packaging, print, responsive sites, social media marketing, and fully integrated campaigns that are informed by data and consumer behaviors.
Over the past 20 years as a professional Designer / Creative Director, I have thrived in the full gamut of organizational structures, from startups to publicly traded corporations. I truly enjoy keeping  a finger on the pulse of street style, emerging trends, and the innovative technologies that shape our world in order to create engaging visuals. From managing celebrity photo shoots to getting a new product into stores, my focus is on advancing brand integrity, increasing consumer awareness, and breaking through crowded markets. Equally comfortable in a design studio, on a production set, or in a boardroom, I am solution oriented, and can shape shift to do whatever is needed to keep projects humming. 
I truly believe that inspiring people and being inspired by those around you, are the foundation for successful collaboration. I pride myself in guiding the production of creative work, often under extreme deadlines and demanding budgets. I do so by finding great talent and motivating individuals to deliver strategic solutions for an array of different industries.
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