Of course the primary function of a logo is identity, but there's so much more they can accomplish. Shapes and colors are easier for the human brain to process and memorize than words are. If the identity is unique in the marketplace it’s easy to find and identify the company once again to purchase its services, and to recommend to friends. When they first appear, they are essentially an "empty vessel" (wisdom from Michael Bierut), and over time meaning is gained through interactions people have with the brand. Below are a few logos that span many industries, many from scratch, and others that were needed to elevate an evolving brand.
New identity / brand elevation - ALO "air + land + ocean"

New white label coffee brand identity + naming - Fresh & Easy

National brand extension for retail packaging - Fresh & Easy

New financial product identity - Walmart Money Center™
White label seafood brand creation - Tesco

Fintech publishing house identity - Green Dot

National sub-brand identity - Grocery Outlet

Community Health & Services logo - One Zip Code At a Time™

Band identity + naming (SoCal dog treat brand) - Bite My Biscuit™

CBS television series pitch identity - The Revenged

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