The User Experience involved with any product is what hopefully leaves an indelible mark on the user. This can be achieved in many ways, but the tenets of good design will always rely on Gestalt psychology. Creating the "happy path" for a user to reach their end goals while also delighting, really boils down to telling a good story. Here are some examples of products that were born from months of research, definition, ideation, implementation, and testing.
As the first bank to ever be sold as a Point of Purchase product, GoBank was an exciting challenge to tackle from the user experience / branding perspective. It was such a far cry from the stodgy suit and tie banks one usually associated with financial institutions.
Uber was looking to boost it's member (driver) incentive program that we built as a partnership, also another challenging and rewarding cross sell that was extremely well received.
The groundbreaking investing platform PeerStreet needed an entirely new user experience to visually simplify a very complex marketplace for prospective and current investors.
FinTech leader Green Dot was looking to increase conversion rates by offering exciting new gamified sweepstakes. Below are various campaign designs to support omni channel roll outs.
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